- Teacher for Pranic Living & Enlightenment    


- Teacher for Pranic Living & Enlightenment

Brahman Menor Presents The ‘RECONNECT’ Retreat:  

The Scientific Path To A Deeper Connection With The Divine.

You Will Be Able To Recognize And Experience SOURCE And Reach A State Of Self-Realisation, In Combination Of Fasting, Breath Exercises, Darshan And Visualizations.

The Personal Face of the Divine

This is a direct invitation for YOUR HEART

This is THE CALL for reconnecting with your highest self, the divine or Source. No matter what label you give it, being connected to Source is your birthright.)

It is your authentic desire to move beyond your exclusive identification with your ego and realise something within you, that is both unique to you and infinitely larger than YOU.

To realise your connection with SOURCE is to realise you are enlightened.

Enlightenment is therefore the sacred obligation for every single person. To be enlightened means to realise your true nature as an utterly unique perspective and manifestation of consciousness. 

However, our mind has build constraints around the expression of our true self. Thoughts like “I am not enough”, “I am not safe” and “I am too much” automatically creates barriers and fixated the EGO as the manager of your evolving life!  

Our mind has become so powerful that one session of a day, weekly sessions for years or other exercises are not yet powerful enough to let the MIND give up its power

And that’s why Brahman Menor received this special retreat, in such a way, that you can finally experience ‘the silence of the mind’, so you can BE your own TRUE SELF again.

  • you will be professionally guided to exhaust your body, drain all your negative energy and create chaos for the mind to achieve a moment of complete confusion so that it cannot do anything other than fully surrender;
  • ​you will get FULL control over your MIND within 8 days or less, even if you're not a practitioner of daily meditation or a long term ‘student of life’.;

All exercises are guided by Brahman Menor and customized (through channeling from the DIVINE) to force the mind into surrendering. He is being guided to give you exactly what you need at that time that you need it.  

Every exercise is scientifically proven to be effective. And therefore as a result, we will love and nourish our ego again, not destroy it all together.

You will experience the perfect combination of fasting, intense breathing exercises, visualisations, satsang and darshan - and this will finally give you the state-of-mind that you were always looking for. 

Even better, this retreat will fundamentally change your worldview AND your life (in all of its passing moments) will become filled with GLORY and JOY, because you will have regained your memory of being One with Source.

This experience can be the start of a whole new chapter in your life as you will not only believe but have truly experienced that YOU are in essence:


Are you ready to respond to this invitation?

Start your path here IF you Are...

  • looking for ways to create a deeper lasting connection with the Divine, without spending years on meditating or on therapies to silence the mind;
  • looking for a positive and lasting change in your life, in such a profound way, that you feel Source constantly within, around and throughout you.
  • searching for more creative flow in your life, (more) happiness, trust and self-love, without going through intensive long lasting therapies.
  • searching for a way to finally take control back from the MIND, so that you can direct the mind for positive actions and supporting thoughts.
  • ready to go beyond your own resistance; from where you can start to become more aware of your personality ‘filters’ and free yourself from the negative parts of your ego.

And on top of that - many people before you, who met Brahman Menor, had a beautiful experience that has changed their lives completely!


Darshan Means Recognizing Our Connection With The Infinite. 
Recognising That We Are All One. Not From Our Mind, But From Experience. 

This recognition can be the start of taking control of your ego. 

Recognizing the Infinite, the Oneness of All will be the start of the end of your seeking. 

We are all seeking. Consciously or unconsciously. This is because we have lost our memory of always being one with the Infinite.

We are trying to fill up this void by going to retreats, doing spiritual practices, buying things, eating, feeling unfulfilled and not understanding why.

You can end this seeking and this feeling unfulfilled 
by experiencing your Oneness with Source.

How this can IMPACT your Life too 

Some Of The Results That We See Over And Over Again
From People Who Created A Deeper Connection With Divine

  • Because of your extraordinary ‘Connected to the Divine’ experience, you will have renewed trust in life and you will be strongly guided by Source;
  • ​You will experience a much higher level of happiness, because you will have more control over your own life and EGO. (This gives you the opportunity to use your ego in a positive way)
  • This Divine experience opens a new chapter in your life in which all things that don’t support your growth anymore will melt like snow in the burning sun;
  • ​You will start noticing more moments of synchronicity in your daily life, so you will be (co-creating the life you love and have a clear vision of your path);
  • ​Your state of being in ‘FLOW’ will increase enormously, because your doubts are transformed into unconditional-love;
  • ​You will have a clear picture of who and what you really are, you will feel self-love and you’ll start to nourish your body as a temple;
  • The vibration of your energy will raise so high that it can be experienced by others, like your spouse, family, friends, colleague and even strangers;
  • ​You will have a lot more positivity in daily life, even if you go through a troubled and emotional period in you life - you will handle with this from a total other perspective;
So just imagine for a second, if you would decide to join the retreat, how much value would this add to your life, if you could ONLY achieve 3 of the results mentioned above?

Let’s co-create this new reality by attending..


Life has challenged Brahman Menor in many ways to get control of his ego to surrender into Source. Due to this, his life purpose became clear. He is here to help you recognize what you really are by surrendering the mind and experiencing Source. 

Brahman Menor is able to constantly share Source Energy through his presence in Darshan and Satsang. In this way, people are able to really recognize Source in themselves and reach a state of Self-Realisation. 

This experience with Source is in the end what we all are longing and searching for. Many people have found their way to Brahman Menor without understanding why and have experienced a moment of Recognition of the Infinite by being in his presence. 


“I am convinced that when you read this, it is your time to receive whatever is needed from Source to help you recognise who you really are. Open your heart and feel if it is your time to be guided in surrendering to “Source” and to receive healing”.


Darshan means remembering our connection with the Infinite. Remembering that we are All One. Not just a glance from our Mind, but from experience. 

This remembering can be the start of taking control of your ego.

Recognizing the Infinite, the Oneness of All will be the start of the end of your seeking.

We are all seeking. Consciously or unconsciously. This is because we have lost our memory of always being one with the Infinite.

We are trying to fill up this void by going to retreats, doing spiritual practices, buying things, eating, feeling unfulfilled and never understanding WHY.

You can end this seeking and this feeling unfulfilled
by experiencing your Oneness with Source.

If you want to let go, remember and (re)connect with your Source at a much deeper level, then this retreat will feel like an invitation engraved from the heart.

What you can expect during the retreat

Your transformation starts with a feeling of SAFETY, because of
the professional (and personal) guidance by Brahman Menor

  • The well-known visualizations and ​​meditations will help you integrate all the learning on a deep cellular level.
  • A Constant and Deep recognition of Source Energy because of the Presence of Brahman Menor. (This will accelerate your Reconnection with Source)
  • Experience Intense ​Breathwork that will empower you and will connect you even deeper.
  • ​You will learn how to use Kundalini Yoga to activate and energise your body, even if you never did yoga before! (You can even teach your kids!)
  • ​Unique Darshans that will guide you to recognise your connection with the infinite. (Experiencing your Oneness with Source.)
  • ​You will enjoy our wonderful sound and mantra sessions, because these frequencies will boost our infinite awareness and understanding.
  • ​Inspirational Satsangs where you will have plenty opportunities to recognise and be fully conscious of your own true nature.
  • ​In the guided 3-day water fast, we are cleansing your body and mind, to activate the natural flow of your chi or prana. (This will increase your energy level to the maximum)
  • ​In our fire ceremony we will honor your old belief structures, thus enabling you to heal deeply without having to experience any negativity from the past. (This also allows for rapid transformation)
  • ​During this process you will also experience a few days of total silence, which will help you for the rest of your life taking control of the mind ‘chatter’.
  • ​In a small group of 20 to 40 beautiful like-minded souls, you will definitely make new friends for life and share this amazing experience together. (Very important for stimulating deep integration of all insights that will come)
  • ​The beautiful location will completely support your transformation, because it’s a natural, positive and peaceful surrounding. (Good vibes all around.)
  • ​During this transformational process we will provide fresh juices, healthy water and herbal tea. (at no cost)

Our promise before and 
after the Darshan Retreat. 

This retreat is not for the faint of hearted. It’s for those who are willing to let go of their most dear attachments which always comes from the Mind.

The conditioned MIND is the one thing standing in the way of one’s Source Recognition and it’s the Mind that needs to give up and give way.

This is not an easy task or else we would all walk around Enlightened.

And therefore, before we start, you will also: 
  • receive a one month diet to help you safely detox before the retreat. This is very important, so you won’t have any detox effects during the retreat that may interrupt the process. It will also deepen your experience with the Infinite as well as your inner stillness/peace.
  • receive emails (for extra inspiration) during a year after the retreat to assist you during your 1-year transformation. This will help you to reset your body if you choose for the mono diet, sustain your change in life and embrace the flow of life.
  • ​You will also have a choice to become a member of our closed Darshan Facebook Support Group.
After this Retreat you can gradually and automatically:
  • ​Soften limiting beliefs and emotions.
  • ​​Soften your trauma’s and resistance from the Mind
  • ​Learn to Surrender to Life and Live your life to the fullest.
Remember, the script of your life is already written.

Your moment of Enlightenment as well.

Being in this retreat with Brahman Menor happens because it’s written in your script and it will give you what YOU need to change at that moment of time.

Are you ready to receive the biggest gift that you can give yourself?

If yes, do you accept our invitation to connect with Source?


(Incl. 12 Month Online Follow-up)

NEXT RETREAT: 21 t/m 27 june 2021 (SPOTS ARE LIMITED)

Location: St. Dominicanenklooster - Stadsdam 1, 6851 AH Huissen, The Netherlands

If you are ready to apply for this retreat, please click on "Apply for the Darshan Retreat" and start the application. 

Please note that this transformational retreat is NOT FOR EVERYONE. We have a very strict ‘qualification’ process.  

Also, we do not have a lot of spots available and they always are running out fast. 

This is the reason why it’s possible to offer you a high quality experience and results for life. So make sure you act now or connect with us for more information

You Asked For An Easy Payment Plan?

Brahman Menor is confident and sure that you will be overwhelmed with gratitude and joy for your retreat experience and your new Darshan Lifestyle. There is a good reason he is known as the teacher for Darshan Living and Enlightenment.

There is nothing more Brahman Menor wants then to share this unique experience with you, because he knows how beneficial this will be for you and your loved ones and that’s why he made it even possible to join this opportunity with a one time payment OR in comfortable easy installments of 3, 6 or even 8 payments.

It is now up to you, to open this new chapter of your life.

If you have any questions, doubts or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We will connect with you personally via a video call or Phone. That's up to you.

We are here to help and hoping to see you soon at...


The pure and divine energy is noticeable and will help you during your retreat.   

The Darshan retreat is being organized in the beautiful Old Monastery built in 1856 in Huissen, the Netherlands. There’s still a small community of monks living in the Monastery. The pure, peaceful, positive and divine energy is noticeable and will help you during your retreat.   

All exercises are being held in the beautiful spacious attic workshop space. There’s also a library for relaxation as well as a Silence Room for meditation in your spare time. 

The Monastery is easily accessible by public transport as well as by car. You will receive extensive information about the monastery, what to bring, what to do before, and how to reach it, after signing up for the Darshan Retreat. 
When you come from outside the Netherlands, you can fly to: 
Schiphol Amsterdam Airport https://www.schiphol.nl/en/

To find out how to get to the Retreat center with Public Transport: 

Location of the Retreat: 
Stadsdam 1, 6851 AH Huissen
The Netherlands. 
For Hotels in or nearby Huissen:

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the minimum and maximum age to participate?
There’s no minimum or maximum age to participate.
I have a disease or condition, can I participate?
It will depend on the kind of disease or condition but this will be evaluated.
Can I get a single room?
No. We only use double rooms. 
Can I leave the location during the retreat?
We have a full program and we advise you to stay silent and with yourself to maximise the effect of the Retreat.
What to bring?
Once accepted into the program you will get a full list of what items to bring.
How big are the groups?
This depends on the locations but most of the time between 20 and 40 participants.
Can I do the retreat without the water fast?
The water fast is necessary to drain your physical energy to make your body tired so your resistance of the body and the mind will become less and less during the retreat.
This can result in surrendering of the mind and an enlightenment moment.
Do I have to adjust my eating habits before starting the program?
One month before starting the retreat you need to be on a vegan lifestyle so whether or not you need to change your eating habits depends on what you are eating right now. You will receive full instructions when accepted.
Can everybody participate in The Darshan Retreat?
Not everyone can participate in the Darshan Retreat. There are certain physical and mental health specifications.
Can I smoke during the retreat?
Only during breaks longer than 1 hour and outside. 
Where is the location of the retreat?
The Darshan Retreat will be available at different locations in different countries, For now, locations will be mostly in Europe.
Is there medical staff or a therapist present during the retreat?
Yes. There is always at least one therapist with first aid skills present during the retreat.
Can I use my cell phone during the retreat?
Basically no, as this is a distraction from your process. Books and E-readers are not allowed either as well. If really necessary you will get brief moments to check your phone. You will also receive all the necessary information to give to your friends and family so they will be able to contact us in case of an emergency.