The ultimate way to a
‘Pranic’ Transformation.

“This is an experience that will transform 
your life for the better. Forever!!”

Important Message from Brahman Menor


You are a Pranic Human Being. We all are. 

Most people dedicate their lives to ‘the search’. They are hoping to find the one-moment-of-enlightenment, knowledge to heal the body or techniques that will help them to clear up their mind.

Other people try to chase their highest potential by living the 
‘healthy lifestyle’, including fasting, going through detoxing or doing other diets.

But nothing seems to work…(or at least not for long).

What are we really looking for?

We want to restore AND take control of our own life force (or prana) again. Intuitively we know we can. That’s what drives us on our path towards spirituality, because prana is an energy that pulses through our bodies.

The good news is, that we can all go back to our most natural state of being: 
living from Pranic Source Energy. And by doing that we will also heal our cells from all past trauma and conditioning. (Which is important to ‘reset’ our body).

It doesn't matter if you are conscious of this healing process or not.

Did you already know that every trauma is stored in the core of our cells? 

These traumas can find their way out by expressing enormous pains in our bodies. 
And these pains are exactly what millions of people go through every single day. 

Again and again and again...

It’s sad, but it doesn't have to be this way.

Every cell in our body can be transformed into a Pranic Living Cell. 

Our very first cell was a pranic cell. Living from Source Energy alone. It’s just shortly thereafter that food conditioning begins and all our cells begin to adapt. 

But this process isn’t the end. 

During ‘the Pranic Retreat’ we are going to clean our cells from past traumas and begin the transformation of all our cells towards Pranic Cells. 

And that’s why the Pranic Retreat is the start of a whole new body (and life). 

Why would YOU go Pranic? 

Some of the results that we see over and over again 
from people who chose to live the Pranic lifestyle.

  • Clarity of Mind – The toxins you’ve built up during your life will be released and you’ll experience an amazing ‘Clarity of Mind.’
  • Inner Stillness –  As your body won’t be digesting any food it doesn’t have any bodily stressors, you will experience a stillness in your body that wasn’t there before (but you intuitively knew there was).
  • Much Better Sleep – Your sleeping time will be reduced significantly once your body is fully transformed and toxin-free.
  • ​Total Food Freedom –  Most participants who start to eat afterward will experience they can reduce their caloric intake by 80%, depending on your decision as to whether or not you want to start eating again.
  • ​​You will save time – Not only will you have much more free time without grocery shopping, cooking, etc, but also because you need less sleep.
  • You will save money – It will save a lot of money for obvious reasons, but please do not let this be one of the reasons to participate.
  • No feelings of hunger – there will be no feelings of hunger anymore, except when emotional issues come up (which you will handle better).
  • Deep Healing – Because of the reset in your body and healing of your leaky gut syndrome, your physical healing power can flow naturally (and much faster).
  • ​​Your energy level will go up - as your body doesn’t need any or much energy for digestion (maybe no more afternoon energy dips?). 
  • ​Ideal body weight – After the first period your body will reach its ideal weight and after that, you can influence your body weight with physical exercise and the power of your mind. (You will learn how).
  • Your triggers and drama stories will soften - The triggers in our bodies and the stories in our mind will soften as a result of a stress-free pranic body.
  • A different transformational vibration - due to less stress in the body, fewer triggers and less negative stories of the mind, the way you look at your life will totally change. This will create more acceptance of what is, a different vibration, and more happiness in your life after this transformation.

So just imagine for a second, if you would decide to join the pranic retreat, how much value this would add to your life, if you could ONLY achieve 3 of the results mentioned above?

Let’s make this happen with...

The Pranic Transformation

Brahman Menor tried every diet there was. 

Brahman Menor also tried every diet there was. Vegetarian, Vegan, Fruitarian, Liquidarian….but, in the end, nothing seemed to work for him anymore. 

Then he heard about a Breatharian and he was touched in his soul. 
After that, his life would take a massive turn. 

Instead of following a workshop or retreat he sat down and opened himself up to Source and received the Pranic Retreat as it still is today. 

In full faith, he did the retreat himself and shortly after went pranic altogether.

All the pains of his body from being a bodybuilder for years went away. His dysfunctional Thyroid gland healed. His energy levels went through the roof and the amount of sleep he needed went down to a couple of hours in a week. 

His mind became as clear as never before. 
Then it was time for the next step to offer this retreat to anyone who feels the urge to heal and transform their body. 

That was a few years ago. 

Now he has helped dozens of others to do the same:

What others say about the Pranic Retreat


Going pranic isn’t about eating less, fasting our way into Pranic Living or eating a certain diet. We all know that doesn’t work.

Our cells are conditioned with needing nutrients. By eating less and less or fasting and then stopping with eating altogether, the body gets deprived of its nutrients. 

Our cells still need these nutrients and this cannot be replaced by only sun gazing or breathing exercises. 

Only by transforming our cells to a Pranic Cell, that doesn’t need any nutrients but only Prana, we can transform our body to Pranic Living. 

It’s about a total transformation of our cells to Pranic Cells. 

(And this is what most will NOT tell you).

What to expect during the retreat

Your transformation starts with a feeling of SAFETY, because of the presence, professional and personal guidance from Brahman Menor

  • You will RESET your immune system by following a step-by-step 3-day DRYFAST (this will totally destress your body)​. 
  • ​Extensive physical healing by closing your leaky gut syndrome.(Very essential for a complete healing and transformation of your body).
  • ​Inspirational Satsangs by Brahman Menor where you will have plenty opportunities to recognise and be fully conscious of your own true nature.
  • ​The unique and customized visualizations and ​​meditations guided by Brahman Menor will help you integrate all the learning on a deep cellular level.
  • ​Experience Intense ​Breathwork (guided by Brahman Menor and his team.) that will empower you and will connect you even deeper.
  • ​You will learn how to use Kundalini Yoga to activate and energize your body, even if you never did yoga before! (You can even teach your kids!).
  • ​Unique Darshans by Brahman Menor that will guide you to recognize your connection with the infinite. (Experiencing your Oneness with Source.)
  • ​You will enjoy our wonderful sound and mantra sessions, because these frequencies will boost our infinite awareness and understanding.
  • ​In our fire ceremony we will honor your old belief structures, thus enabling you to heal deeply without having to experience any negativity from the past. (This also allows for rapid transformation).
  • ​During this process you will also experience a few days of total silence, which will help you, for the rest of your life, to take control of the mind ‘chatter’.
  • ​In a small group of 20 to 40 beautiful like-minded souls, you will definitely make new friends for life and finally have time to relax. (Very important for stimulating deep integration of all insights that will come).
  • ​The beautiful location will completely support your transformation, because it’s a natural, positive and peaceful surrounding. (Good vibes all around.)
  • ​During this transformational process we will provide biological juices, and herbal tea. (at no cost).

Is this retreat REALLY for you?

You can do the Pranic Retreat if you want to heal your body, heal your food intolerances, close your leaky gut syndrome, and overall create the most healthy body you can. And who doesn’t want that?

FACT: With a Pranic Lifestyle, you can choose whether or not to eat and what to eat. 

Your body doesn’t need it anymore, but you can still enjoy anything you like occasionally. How beneficial is that?