- Teacher for Pranic Living & Enlightenment    

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- Teacher for pranic living & enlightment

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An invitation for:

"The Enlightenment EXPERIENCE"

 - A Satsang about Darshan & Pranic Living

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What does Enlightenment actually mean? What is the difference between Enlightenment and Silence? 
Why is it so hard to reach Enlightenment? 

What is an Enlightenment experience anyway? Why are so many people searching for spirituality? And what are they actually looking for? Do you also want to stop searching? 

Enlightenment is not complicated. It has only been made complicated by all the knowledge provided. This knowledge actually stands in the way of your enlightenment. 

During this evening Brahman Menor will delve deeper into what Enlightenment really is and the many misconceptions regarding Enlightenment: 

Enlightenment is not Silence 

Enlightenment is not Love. 

Enlightenment is not Compassion.
During the Satsang Brahman Menor will share with you:
  • What Enlightenment really means;.
  • How Source Energy can change your life;
  • How Pranic Living supports a peaceful and simple life..


With this breathing exercise, you take a small step towards softening traumas, conditioning, and fears.

He will also explain why it is so difficult to experience Enlightenment, whether you will experience Enlightenment and what you can do to make your life easier. 

He will also talk about living of Prana. Prana is life energy and living of Prana does not give your body unnecessary stress that food does. Your body is ultimately the temple that you are in. The cleaner this temple, the easier your life will be. During this evening we will also do a breathing exercise that can help you on your way to Enlightenment. 

With this breathing exercise, you take a small step towards softening traumas, conditioning, and fears. These are all in your cells and they have an influence on your mind and your body. 

With this breathing exercise, you will empty your cells from these traumas, conditioning, and fears. 

After this evening you can experience so much more ease because you know how life works, why you no longer have to search for anything and you can start clearing up your traumas and conditioning that keeps you from living your life to the fullest.


Sat is truth and Sanga community.
Satsang means “to be together in truth.

Spirituality has been overcomplicated for years now. As Brahman Menor is in a constant state of Enlightenment, he has the unique ability to receive insights and wisdom directly from Source; 
that which we all are.

These insights and wisdom are simple in nature 
and profoundly true. 

Being together in Truth is so much more than Satsang...

it’s a real and profound experience.


Brahman Menor loves to be around people 
to share his insights and truths. 

With love and attention he listens to you, will give you a hug or look you in your eyes…

As lots of people want this connection with him, spots at his Satsang are filled up very quickly. 

So if you want to not only be in the Presence of Source Energy, but also listen to Universal Unique Wisdom directly from Source, get a hug, a look or a smile from Brahman Menor, reserve your spot as soon as possible. 


Brahman Menor had an Enlightenment moment
and then his life changed completely.  

A few years later he had a Fusion moment after which he is in a constant state of Enlightenment. Since then he has been giving Darshan and Pranic Living retreats to share his knowledge obtained directly from his fusion. In these retreats he shows you that Spirituality does not have to be complicated, you can constantly be in his Source Fusion Energy and in particular in the Darshan Retreats he creates the ideal conditions for you to experience your Enlightenment moment. 

In the Darshan retreats, you make a start with 
experiencing Mind Freedom. 

You become detached from conditioning, traumas, and fears. In the Pranic Living retreats, you can completely cleanse and reset your body and ultimately choose whether or not to eat or drink. A lifestyle that perfectly matches a conscious and spiritual life.