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- Teacher for Pranic Living & Enlightenment

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A Week with Brahman Menor
- 7-day Retreat

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'A Week with Brahman Menor' - 7-day Retreat.

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Brahman Menor

Our promise before
and after the Retreat.

Before the retreat start, you will:

  • ​receive a one month diet to help you safely detox and empty your bowels before the retreat. This is very important, so you won’t have any detox effects during the retreat.

  • After the retreat, you will:

  • ​receive an ebook for guidance and inspiration for a year.

  • ​​You will also have a choice to become a member of our closed Facebook Support Group.

  • ​​Soften limiting beliefs and emotions.

  • ​​​Soften your traumas and resistance from the Mind

  • Your total transformation starts with the retreat and takes about 1 year. (For most people).

    After the retreat you can choose to continue with the Pranic Transformation by:

  • juicing for 8 weeks right after the retreat to stop the conditioning of chewing food and to heal your leaky gut syndrome as well.

  • ​Following the Pranic Calendar and guidelines offered in the ebook.

  • Frequently Asked Questions.

    What is the minimum and maximum age to participate?

    There’s no minimum of maximum age to participate

    I have a disease or condition, can I participate?

    It will depend on the kind of disease or condition but this will be evaluated fully in the questionnaire.

    Can everybody participate in The Pranic Program?

    Not everyone can participate in the Retreat. There are certain weight, physical health and mental health specifications. To make sure you can participate you will receive a questionnaire. During pregnancy, you cannot follow this program because of the detoxification that will occur and potentially harm your baby.

    Can I get a single room?

    No. During this retreat it is better to share a room with at least one other participant to ensure that when you don’t feel well the organisation can be informed by your roommate.

    Can I smoke during the retreat?

    No, you cannot, If you are not loving your body enough to stop smoking, you are not ready to take the next step in your conscious evolution.

    Can I leave the location during the retreat?

    No. This is not allowed to ensure your medical health.

    Where is the location of the retreat?

    The retreat will be available at different locations in different countries, For now, locations will be mostly in Europe. You can find them in the events or on the facebook page.

    What to bring?

    Once accepted into the program you will get a full list of what items to bring.

    Is there medical staff or a therapist present during the retreat?

    Yes. There is always at least one therapist with first aid skills present during the retreat.

    Are there any risks?

    Any potential risks are minimized by evaluating the completed questionnaire. It is imperative you’re very honest about your health and past issues.

    You will be monitored daily to make sure you remain healthy and if at any time during the program there are doubts about your mental of physical health, you have to start drinking water and juices again if instructed. But also understand your taking part is at your own risk.

    Do I have to adjust my eating habits before starting the program?

    One month before starting the retreat you need be on a vegan lifestyle so whether or not you need to change your eating habits depends on what you are eating right now. You will receive full instructions when accepted.

    I wear contact lenses, is that a problem?

    No. But bring your glasses as your eyes will get dry during the 3-day Dry Fast

    How big are the groups?

    This depends on the locations but most of the time between 20 and 40 participants.

    Can I use my cell phone during the retreat?

    Basically no, as this is a distraction from your process. Books and E-readers are not allowed either as well. If really necessary you will get brief moments to check your phone. You will also receive all the necessary information to give to your friends and family so they will be able to contact us in case of an emergency.

    Is Pranic Living scientifically proven?

    All that was received by Brahman Menor was scientifically justified like:

    - After 72 hours of fasting the immune system will reset

    - The power of visualization can change cells and DNA

    - Breathing exercises and meditations will soften your triggers
    - During Darshans and Satsang people can have a source experience
    - Our original cells were Pranic living cells
    - Pranic living has been investigated by many medical specialists over the world and is possible although they can’t understand or prove how it works
    - Less food is much healthier for the body and energy level - No leaky gut syndrome will increase your energy level

    I’m on medication. Can I do the Dry Fast?

    When you’re on medication which cannot be stopped or reduced and you need water to take in the medication you can do a Fast (you drink water) instead of a Dry Fast.

    The potential positive effect of the Pranic Retreat is that you can stop your medication in consultation with your medical doctor. After the Pranic Retreat you can then choose to do the Dry Fast Retreat.

    During pregnancy, you cannot follow this program because of the detoxification that will occur and potentially harm your baby.